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Grounded in the innovative genres of grime, garage and R&B, Tirzah’s authentically raw lyrics and luxurious, electronically enhanced melodies are celebrated for transgressing the frontiers of pop music. The singer-songwriter was classically trained at the Purcell School for Young Musicians, where she excelled at playing the Celtic harp.

While her sound and direction are ever-evolving, Tirzah stays true to the sonically rich foundations of music. In recent years, she has closely collaborated with ‘noise-pop maverick’ (The Guardian) Mica Levi, who produced her latest studio album, trip9love. It was the collaborators’ intention for the album to seem like one epic song, enriched with enigmatic stories told in her hazy, hypnotic voice.

In concert, Tirzah is loved for creating a calm and intimate environment for listeners to revel in her electronic soundscapes.

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