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The Song of Songs plunges us into a lush world of ripe fruits, deep waters, scorching heats, and cooling shades. This intense imagery - the Hebrew Bible’s richest and most succulent - drives poetry that is both straightforwardly erotic and tantalisingly allegorical in its exploration of love both human and divine.

This heady combination invites a huge range of approaches, from Biana Maria Furgeri’s flowing 'Ego flos campi' for upper voices to Tomás Luis de Victoria’s epic, six-part 'Vadam et circumibo civitatem'. In 'Scattered Rhymes', Tarik O’Regan sets Petrarch’s own questioning of the boundaries of carnal and spiritual desire, a text further enjoyed by Gavin Bryars’ 'A la dolce ombra'. 


James MacMillan 'Behold, you are beautiful, my lo've  
Gavin Bryars 'A la dolce ombra' 
Bianca Maria Furgeri 'Ego flos campi'
Stephanie Martin 'Rise up, My Love' 
Tarik O'Regan 'Scattered Rhymes' 
Raffaella Aleotti 'Surge propera' 
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina 'Duo ubera tua'  
Adrian Willaert 'Lasso ch’i ardo' 
Jacob Clemens 'non Papa Ego flos campi' 
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina 'Surge amica mea'  
Guillaume Bouzignac 'Vulnerasti cor meum' 
Caroline Shaw 'Companion Planting' 
Tomás Luis de Victoria 'Vadam et circumibo civitatem' 


Nicholas Mulroy director 

Pre-concert talk with Nicholas Mulroy, 6.30pm - free but ticketed 


This concert is part of the Dunedin Consort 2023/24 season which includes Songs of Wars I Have SeenMatthew PassionJohn PassionSean Shibe meets Dunedin ConsortMessiahLeipzig 300Čičić directs Vivaldi and the Scattered Rhymes Choral Tour. Book for four or more events and save 20%. 

Presented by Dunedin Consort

Scattered Rhymes Choral Tour