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Classical age, tradition, avant-garde, and contemporaneity coexist in the music of Roberto Cacciapaglia.

His exploration touches all genres and all fields to discover their essence and the origin that goes beyond divisions. Sound becomes a profound gaze in front of the mystery of things, an experience and awakening in the evolutionary journey.
A concert of new pieces from his latest album 'Invisible Rainbows' and some of the most significant compositions of his entire career.

This is the event postponed from 28 September 2023; all tickets remain valid.

Presented by Regular Music

"Sharing something essential and magical can awaken us and make us discover unfathomable dimensions, create worlds through music within the "invisible". This is what I thought about and what I want to experience during the 'Invisible Rainbows' concerts." 

(Roberto Cacciapaglia)

Roberto Cacciapaglia