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The SNJO is joined by saxophonist Bill Evans and invite you to take a musical expedition across America from north to south and east to west. Along the way, jazz meets up with bluegrass, soul, funk and fusion to create a road trip to remember.

Well known for conducting experimental marriages between firmly established but quite distinct forms of American music, Bill Evans' portmanteau projects have included such unlikely bedfellows as soul and bluegrass, and jazz and country music.

Here he is reunited with the SNJO to perform a new programme of wild-at-heart, cross-genre music in the true spirit of the west and the music and performance are guaranteed to raise the bar again for jazz music in Scotland.

“It was pretty amazing for me to play with Miles, and it set the course for my career. It was such a great honor to play with him and to get to know him to the level that I did. I’ve spoken to Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, and they say the same thing"

(Bill Evans)

An American Journey with the SNJO and Bill Evans