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After Al’s last UK tour in Autumn of 2019 with his band the Empty Pockets, for most of 2020 he was sidelined due the Covid-19 pandemic.

For his first major tour since then he has decided to reprise the line-up of his 2019 UK trek. Once again Al and the Pockets will be joined by saxophonist Marc Macisso. He will be playing his old favorites favourites 'Year Of The Cat', 'Time Passages', 'On the Border', 'Nostradamus' and 'Roads To Moscow' along with selections from his deep catalogue.

The Scottish-born singer-songwriter has released nearly 20 introspective and lyrically powerful records featuring brilliant backing musicians (Jimmy Page, Phil Collins, Richard Thompson, Peter White, etc.). His biggest platinum successes, 'Year Of The Cat' and 'Time Passages', were released in 1976 and 1978 respectively. He’s had several Top 20 singles, including the above-mentioned titles, as well as 'On the Border' and 'Song On The Radio'.

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“I'm just a folk singer that is interested in history and wine that got lucky with some hit records! It's as simple as that really. I was always a huge music fan and originally, I had wanted to be Brian Jones and then Bob Dylan, but those two jobs were already taken. And in many ways, I'm still pretty much the same troubadour that I was back in 1965. I still get a kick out of hearing the Zombies, Hendrix or They Might Be Giants on the radio.”

(Al Stewart)

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