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Songwriter and lead singer for Deacon Blue, one of Scotland’s best loved and most successful bands, Ricky Ross takes his new solo album and autobiography on tour. 

In his memoir, Ross revisits his formative years growing up in Dundee, his early forays into music and the beginning, extraordinary success, fall-out, and re-emergence of Deacon Blue. Ross writes movingly and with great wit about the people and places that have meant the most to him, as well as his relationship with faith, politics, and the ever-changing challenges of being a musician.

Together with his autobiography, Ricky Ross releases his 8th solo album, 'Short Stories Vol. 2': an album that was recorded at home, then augmented with sumptuous strings and brass, alongside contributions from his fellow Deacon Blue cohorts Lorraine McIntosh and Gregor Philp.

The tour will see Ricky at the piano, presenting songs from across his entire career and sharing stories from his autobiography.  

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"I’ve always been interested in telling stories. Most of the stories have become songs but some stories take a little longer. A couple of years ago I started to write down some longer memories which didn’t fit as snugly into verses or choruses. I hope people might enjoy the stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them down."

(Ricky Ross)

Ricky Ross