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There are several ways in which you can make a big difference to the future of The Queen's Hall.


A very small percentage of people in the UK have left a gift for charity in their will and yet legacies are currently the single largest source of income for many charities like The Queen’s Hall.

Once you have provided for your family and friends, leaving a gift to us will ensure that our work and impact on Edinburgh’s cultural life can continue for many years to come.

As we celebrate our fortieth birthday this year, help us meet the funding challenges for the next forty years of our life and beyond, as we work to develop further high quality music and learning programmes, improve our technical facilities, increase the accessibility of our programme and continue to strengthen our provision of quality live music and enhance the arts in Edinburgh.

Anyone can create a musical legacy – why not you? Take advantage of a free will writing service through McClure Solicitors 

We’ve made the process easy by partnering with the award-winning McClure Solicitors. They can write your Will for free in return for you giving us a donation and considering leaving a gift to us in the future. If you have a Will already, McClure Solicitors can review it for free and update it to include a legacy to us.

Just call 0800 852 1999 to arrange an appointment and please quote The Queens Hall.

“Everyone should have a will. That’s how you provide for family and friends. But you can do a lot by leaving a legacy to an arts charity. Why not use your will to help the vibrant cultural life that makes Scotland such a fine place to live. A legacy to the arts is a small gesture that makes a very big difference.”

(Alexander McCall Smith, a Patron of The Queen’s Hall)

Options to consider with your solicitor

If you wish to include The Queen’s Hall in your will, there are a number of types of gift which you may wish to consider:

  • A specific legacy (a gift of a particular item e.g. art work)
  • A pecuniary legacy (a gift of a specific sum of cash which can be index linked)
  • A residuary legacy (a gift of the balance/proportion of your estate after all other items have been dealt with)

If you already have a will in place but wish to leave The Queen’s Hall a gift, it may be possible for a Codicil to be prepared, which is usually cheaper than making a new will.

We strongly recommend you contact your solicitor for advice on making/updating your will.

Legacy donors to date

Joyce Agnew
Francis Brewis
Philip Cunningham
Sydney Ian Hogarth
Muriel Marshall Smith in memory of Violet Rennie Miller
Evelyn Matheson
Mary McKenzie
Aileen Moyes
Kathleen Newis
Karin Froebel Overton
Vera Helen Winchester

“It’s a way of showing my appreciation for the enjoyment provided by The Queen’s Hall programme over many years.”

(Sam Breadon, a Member of The Queen’s Hall)

Gifts of Shares  

A gift of shares is an additional or alternative way that many supporters have given to The Queen’s Hall.

ShareGift is an organisation that can help you do this in a simple, cost effective and charitable way. Whether you have large amounts or just one or two shares, ShareGift can help you realise as much value as possible by aggregating them, selling them and using the proceeds to make donations to a wide range of charities. This can either be a charity of your choice (with larger donations) or one that has been chosen by ShareGift members.

Alternatively you can simply sell shares and donate the proceeds to The Queen’s Hall, which several of our members have done.

Consult your financial advisor who will able to explain the range of tax benefits this can have. The Queen's Hall can provide you with a formal letter to enable this.

The following people have made Gifts of Shares:

Professor David and Mrs Tanya Parker
An anonymous donor

Gifts in memory

The legacy we leave behind is a testament to what we treasure as individuals. We know that many of our audience members cherish their relationship with The Queen’s Hall going back to 1979 when the Hall opened and are passionate about the music performed here.

A gift in memory is a meaningful way to remember a loved one. Your generosity will support The Queen’s Hall's artistic and learning programmes, to the benefit of the audiences and artists of today, as well as in the future.

Gifts in memory will be acknowledged in our Newsletter and on the website.

The following people have made gifts in memory of friends and loved ones

Eric and Heather Salzen in memory of Jimmy Crawford
Muriel Marshall Smith in memory of Violet Rennie Miller
Patrick Simpson in memory of Hester Martineau