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As we reach the centenary of his birth, Celtic & Scottish Studies and The School of Scottish Studies Archives, University of Edinburgh, present a musical and literary celebration of the legacy of Hamish Henderson.

Poet, song-maker, folklorist and activist, he was also a champion of Scotland’s rich oral tradition, and one of his key contributions to the nation’s culture was his half century of fieldwork collecting for the School of Scottish Studies. Today this archive represents one of the finest audio collections of folk culture in the world, and is a magnet for musicians, singers, storytellers, and creative artists of all kinds.

Voice of the People brings together contemporary voices inspired by Henderson’s life and work, featuring prominent tradition bearers and material from the School of Scottish Studies archives. Musicians and storytellers include Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre, Dolina MacLennan, Allan MacDonald, James Robertson, Essie Stewart, Gary West, Fiona Hunter, Mischa MacPherson, Steve Byrne, Lori Watson, Scott Gardiner, Findlay Napier, Innes Watson, Heather Downie and Alistair Paterson.

The event features highlights from the Rebellious Truth project curated by Lori Watson and commissioned by Celtic Connections in January 2019.

Presented by University of Edinburgh Celtic & Scottish Studies in collaboration with The Soundhouse Organisation

Voice of the People #Hamish100