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Award-winning vibraphonist Joe Locke and vocalist extraordinaire Kenny Washington join the SNJO once again to play a fabulous selection of tracks taken from the modern American songbook – a rich and weighty tome running to several volumes of wonderfully popular songs.

Singer-songwriters such as Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel, and Bill Withers brought heartfelt soul music to their work, while artists and performers like Earth, Wind & Fire, Led Zeppelin, Heart and Steely Dan showered their enduring recordings with jazz, funk, orchestral and eclectic ornamentation. The platinum success of their gold-plated careers is in no small part due to the availability of jazz music and jazz masters as a fountainhead of knowledge, artistry, and intellect.

Pre-concert talk

6.50 pm (free to all ticket holders)

Join Tommy Smith (SNJO Artistic Director) and guest artists Joe Locke and Kenny Washington as they introduce and discuss the programme of Pop! Rock! Soul!

Presented by the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra

SNJO: Pop! Rock! Soul!