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On Friday 24th September the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra celebrates twenty-five years of top-quality music-making, drawn from almost 100 years of jazz and the classical and Scottish traditions.

Poets of words, as well as of notes and of instruments, have contributed to the SNJO’s extensive repertoire. From Robert Burns to Mozart, from Edwin Morgan to Mary Lou Williams and from Count Basie to Glasgow’s poet of the tenor saxophone, Bobby Wellins, the inspiration has flowed onto recordings and stages across Scotland, the UK, Europe, Japan, and the U.S.A.

The music in this concert represents our quarter-century in microcosm. Hear award-winning soloists Anoushka Nanguy and Liam Shortall expressing themselves through works by master composers Duke Ellington, Mary Lou Williams, Leonard Bernstein, and Count Basie, as the ensemble upholds a reputation that began by local word of mouth and has spread into global recognition.


To view the digital programme please click here.

Presented by the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra

SNJO: Live at 25