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How many symphonies could be called genuinely funny? Well, at least one: Haydn’s 60th started life in the theatre as the score for a comedy and it is packed full of gags: a great chance for Pekka Kuusisto to share his own irresistible sense of humour.

SCO Associate Composer Anna Clyne may add her own comedic touches as her new piece is inspired by the Haydn. If so, it should contrast beautifully with her Prince of Clouds, a beautifully touching Double Violin Concerto, full of ravishing, glistening string writing.

SCO Leader Benjamin Marquise Gilmore partners the free-spirited Finn Pekka Kuusisto in the Grammy-nominated Double Violin Concerto Prince of Clouds by SCO Associate Composer Anna Clyne.

Beethoven: Prometheus Overture
Clyne: Prince of Clouds
Mozart: Divertimento in D, K136
Clyne: New Work World Premiere (Co-commissioned by SCO and Orchestre National de Lyon)  
Haydn: Symphony No 60 ‘Il Distratto’

Pekka Kuusisto: Director / Violin
Benjamin Marquise Gilmore: Violin

Composer Insights, 6.45pm: Associate Composer Anna Clyne discusses her new work and Prince of Clouds.


SCO 2019/20: Mozart, Haydn and Clyne with Pekka Kuusisto