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Acclaimed as composers as well as instrumentalists, sharing multiple awards and seven albums as leaders between them, Hitchcock and Law have created a startlingly vivid and mature soundworld, in their new album 'Same Moon in the Same World'.

Drummer Sun-Mi Hong whose distinct style combines rooted groove with well-tempered outbursts joins the quartet alongside the virtuosic and high energy eloquence of bassist Jasper Høiby.

Ant Law and Alex Hitchcock’s new album takes its name from a line in Haruki Murakami’s 1999 novel 'Sputnik Sweetheart'. The inspiration of the album is the idea that, whilst people may be in separate places geographically, they have shared truths: musical language, human experience, emotions. From our unique vantage points, we are all staring at the same moon.

Presented by The Queen's Hall

"An incredible saxophonist"

(Walter Smith III on Alex Hitchcock)

"A game changer"

(The Guardian on Ant Law)

Same Moon in the Same World