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Critically acclaimed true crime podcast RedHanded present 'Confessions LIVE': the duo’s biggest UK tour to date.

Five years ago, hosts Suruthi Bala and Hannah Maguire met at a party, they got drunk, talked murder and decided to start a true crime podcast together. Within weeks they had started recording the very first episodes of RedHanded, with a £10 microphone, locked in a cupboard under some stairs.

Today, RedHanded is an internationally renowned, award winning, hit podcast that offers a weekly dose of murder, wit and WTFs delivered with all the facts, anecdotal tangents aplenty, serious societal scrutiny and real British flavour.

RedHanded placed Silver in the coveted Listeners’ Choice category at the British Podcast Awards and was also named the #1 most popular true-crime podcast in the UK in 2020. The show stands out in the world of true crime by delving into the most complex and difficult of cases; always exploring the cultural, societal, political and psychological drivers of the most extreme of human behaviour.

RedHanded’s bold exploration of these issues coupled with the hosts’ sharp wit, sense of humour, deep research and refreshing case selection has seen the show gain international acclaim and a legion of ‘rabid’ fans. RedHanded came from nothing to become a podcast pulling in millions of listens a month.

Join them for an evening of grisly murder storytelling, wry wit and true crime.

Presented by SJM Concerts