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Featuring Arild Andersen, Tommy Smith & Paolo Vinaccia

Nordic jazz has its own heroes, and foremost among them are master bassist, Arild Andersen and drummer/percussionist, Paolo Vinaccia. Both are admired as pre-eminent jazz masters, and are strongly associated with impressive jazz music that exploits overlooked possibilities. They collaborate here with Tommy Smith and the SNJO to tell new and original jazz stories spun around Norse legends, and together will exploit the unlimited potential of musical imagery.

Imaginations will run riot as Thor swings that famous hammer and Odin’s thunder rolls high above the roof of Valhalla. Scandinavian jazz increasingly incorporates folk and hymnal elements from Norse music. It is a phenomenon that is often reflected in Scottish jazz, and it’s worth noting too that Scottish folk music shares some Norse heritage. This project will demonstrate that startling new music is still waiting to be discovered, created, heard and shared.


Norse Myths