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Moya Brennan's voice continues to provide a constant reminder of how the heart can be touched by the purity and thrill of music.

Despite the enforced restrictions placed on her and all other artists in the past couple of years she has been active, especially, with the Farewell Tour of her family band, Clannad. Their sell-out concert at Dublin’s 3 Arena in February (’23) was an emotional part of the final tour climax after 50 years together. And Moya is excited now to take up her solo career again.

Her live solo shows, having all the musicality and power of Clannad - but with added, heart-warming intimacy – are always a rich and moving experience. Her unique, effortless vocals and timeless music pay homage not only to her vibrant traditional Irish heritage but also to her grasp of contemporary forms. 

As the singer of Clannad, they rose to prominence with a pioneering approach to traditional music, creating the Celtic Music genre along the way. In their 50 years, they have achieved 15 million record sales worldwide and a string of awards, including a BAFTA, Ivor Novello, and a Grammy in 1998. Sister Enya joined Clannad for a time before pursuing her own successful career. 

Moya’s solo career will continue that success with nine solo albums to date, two of which were Grammy nominated. 

Moya's career to date includes 25 albums, numerous film scores (notably 'The Last of the Mohicans' and, with Hans Zimmer, 'King Arthur') and she has sung with many great artists, including The Chieftains, Robert Plant, Bruce Hornsby, Michael McDonald, Shane McGowan, and, of course, Bono.

Her voice continues to be in demand with other collaborators including the 'Colours' release with Ryan Vail and Elma Orkestra, 'Saltwater' with Chicane, DJ Roger Shah and Trance Wax. She has released three 'Voices & Harps' (collaborative) albums with Irish harp virtuoso, Cormac De Barra and is one of T with the Maggies, a group of four Donegal female artists.

As the First Lady of Celtic Music, Moya is a constant and enthusiastic ambassador for Irish culture around the world and, a native Irish Gaeilge language speaker, keen to keep her traditional arts and music in the forefront.

“Ireland is changing rapidly but one thing that remains constant is our love of music and wanting the whole world to hear it. I love being part of that”, says Moya.

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Moya Brennan