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In her 50-plus years in music, Judy Collins has always exhibited impeccable taste in songcraft.

On her landmark 1967 album, 'Wildflowers', she curated a stunning collection featuring originals alongside songs by not-yet household names such as Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen, and adventurous selections by Jacques Brel and Francesco Landini.

Her discerning palette, and her literary gifts, have enabled her to evolve into a poetic, storyteller songwriter. Now, in her 6th decade as a singer and songwriter, Judy is experiencing a profound level of growth and prolific creativity.

The cultural treasure’s 29th studio album, 'Spellbound', out February 18, 2022, finds Judy enjoying an artistic renaissance. The 13 song album is a special entry in her oeuvre. It marks the first time ever she wrote all the songs on one of her albums. It features 12 new recently-written modern folk songs, and a bonus track of her evergreen, 'The Blizzard'. 

'Spellbound' is an introspective and impressionistic album. It unfolds as if Judy curated a museum exhibit of her life, and welcomed us into a retrospective of her most formative moments, some big and public, and some intensely personal and intimate.

Please note: This is the rescheduled show from November 2022. All tickets remain valid for the new date.

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“They say after the plague came the Renaissance. The truth is, I didn’t do an album like this sooner because I had other projects on my mind. This album ['Spellbound'] was necessary for me to keep creative—it was the next piece of the puzzle.”

(Judy says with a good-natured laugh, loosely referencing the pandemic)

Judy Collins