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'The Moon Also Rises' –– Johnny Flynn’s sixth album, and the second co-written with his friend Robert Macfarlane, gathers songs that Johnny and Robert have written together since finishing their first joint album, 'Lost In The Cedar Wood' (2021).

At its heart are the oldest themes of all: death and renewal, darkness and light. The first five tracks are songs of burial, shadows and memory, while the final four are songs of awakening, light and love. The album turns around a central song, ‘The Sun Also Rises’, which stands with a foot in both dark and light.  

Johnny Flynn is a singer, composer, musician and actor. His musical releases to date include the studio albums 'A Larum' (2008), 'Been Listening' (2010), 'Country Mile' (2013), 'Sillion' (2017) and 'Lost In The Cedar Wood' (2021). He has released two full live albums, 'Live in Washington DC' (2014) and 'Live at the Roundhouse' (2018) and various EPs and soundtracks. As well as touring the world with his band, Johnny regularly composes music for film, TV and theatre –– including work for period instruments at the Globe Theatre. Johnny’s recent acting projects include 'Hangmen and True West' (for which he also composed the music) on stage and 'Emma', 'Beast' and 'The Dig' on film. He is currently appearing as Richard Burton in Jack Thorne’s sell-out play 'The Motive and the Cue', directed by Sam Mendes. 

Robert Macfarlane is a writer of books about nature, people, place and landscape including 'Underland' (2019), 'Landmarks' (2015), 'The Old Ways' (2012) and, with Jackie Morris, 'The Lost Words' (2017) and 'The Lost Spells' (2020). He also writes films (inc. 'Mountain' and 'River', both starring Willem Dafoe), operas, plays and screenplays, and collaborates widely, including with artist Stanley Donwood, and musicians Cosmo Sheldrake, Jocelyn Pook and Karine Polwart. His work has been widely adapted for film, stage, television, radio, dance, music and performance, and his books have been published in more than thirty languages. In 2023 he was awarded the inaugural Weston International Award for Non-Fiction. 

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Johnny Flynn & Robert Macfarlane

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