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You couldn’t make it up; surely the German Comedy Ambassador Henning Wehn hasn’t bosched out yet another new show? And what’s he still doing here anyway?

Well, his lack of transferable skills is what keeps him here and his belief that practise makes perfect is what keeps him going. This show is a much needed call to arms. Listen, everyone: stop pondering and hand-wringing. Instead get on your bike and put your face to the grindstone!

Henning's most recent television and radio appearances include 'Live At The Apollo' (BBC2), 'Have I Got News For You' (BBC1), 'Would I Lie To You' (BBC1), '8 Out Of Cats Does Countdown' (Channel 4), 'Fighting Talk' (BBC Radio 5 Live) and 'The Unbelievable Truth' (BBC Radio 4).

Presented by The Queen's Hall

"Wehn wraps his vowels around the issues of immigration and identity. And he triumphs at it"

(The Times)

“Cor blimey”

(The Guardian)

Henning Wehn: Get On With It