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This unmissable concert features premieres of new commissions by disabled composers, performed by musicians from the Drake Music Scotland Digital Orchestra and the Hebrides Ensemble.

An evening that is sure to exhilarate and beguile, featuring work by Sonia Allori, Chris Jacquin, Sarah Lianne-Lewis, Ben Lunn, Ewan McKay, Rhona Smith, Karen Sutherland and new music by Siobhan Dyson and Lucy Hale.

Concert programme
Echo for Brain-fingers and violin - Chris Jacquin
Silent Shadow for Digital Harp, Clarinet and Cello - Rhona Smith
Echoes in Time for iPad, Laptop, and Clarinet - Ewan MacKay
Sustain and Snap for solo cello - Lucy Hale
Farewell Lucy for solo cello - Ben Lunn 


Entwine for iPad, Clarinet, viola, and MiMu Gloves - Karen Sutherland
Ocean of Stars for Digital-Harp and Cello - Sarah Lianne-Lewis
Long Sharp Winds for solo violin - Siobhan Dyson
Spider for MiMu gloves and digital intruments - Sonia Allori
If Conlon had met Rhona for Digital Harp, Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Cello - Ben Lunn 

Access information
This concert will include:

- BSL Interpretation – Karen Forbes
- a presenter with text support on large screen 

Presented by Drake Music Scotland and Hebrides Ensemble

“Working with Drake Music Scotland is a highlight and cornerstone of our artist programme.”

(William Conway, Artistic Director, Hebrides Ensemble)

“I’m profoundly excited that we can return to the Queen’s Hall to do a follow up concert after Diversions.  The world is in a very different place, but despite the odds we are back making music together. It has been my genuine pleasure to work with all the composers and musicians as we are set to return for our first concert together since 2019.”

(Ben Lunn, Associate Composer, Drake Music Scotland )

Drake Music Scotland and Hebrides Ensemble present Echoes