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Join one of the most influential medical doctors in the UK Dr Rangan Chatterjee as he uncovers the truth to discovering true happiness and fulfilment and discusses his new book 'Happy Mind, Happy Life'. 

Whether you are at a crisis point in your life or simply want to experience more joy, this event will help you to live your life to the full. Dr Chatterjee will share his cutting-edge insights into the science of happiness and reveal 10 simple ways to put you back in control of your health.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear him discuss ways to support our mental wellbeing by making small changes to our daily mindset. From lessons on how to deal with criticism, to ways to improve your relationship with your phone, Chatterjee aims to inspire life-changing lifestyle changes. 

You will also have the chance to ask Rangan your own questions at a post-show Q&A!

Dr Rangan Chatterjee is one of the UK’s most influential doctors. He co-created and teaches the widely acclaimed ‘Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine’ course with the Royal College of GPs. Chatterjee also hosts Europe’s biggest health podcast ‘Feel Better, Live More’ and is the author of 3 Sunday Times bestsellers.

Dr Chatterjee has appeared in numerous international publications including Forbes, The New York Times, Grazia, Vogue and The Guardian. His TED talk, ‘How to Make Disease Disappear’ has been viewed 4.4 million times. 

Tickets can be bought for the event only or in a bundle with a copy of 'Happy Mind, Happy Life' which can be collected on the evening. You can choose which option you would like once you have chosen your seat and pressed 'continue' - the next page shows the ticket price which is a clickable dropdown menu.

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Dr Rangan Chatterjee Live: Happy Mind, Happy Life