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Buckle up at Curtain Up because here we go again! The third (and final) part of the trilogy that began with the sell-out 'Cradle to Stage' nights, charged on through the 'Good Time Charlie' shows now reaches its peak with (at last) 'THE SAUSAGE SANDWICH TOUR': Danny Baker's concluding chapter of high-kicking euphoria!

A brand-new, full-tilt, non-stop thunderous performance; another panjandrum of unstoppable anecdotes. The last ever instalment in this gleeful raucous eruption, chock full of true-life tales and show business revelation!

Every Night Unique! PLUS! The Sausage Sandwich Game played LIVE AND DRIPPING WITH CONDIMENT! This time there's even a bonus appearance from Dan's old man SPUD! Imagine that!

"This makes that Abba thing seem like a lot of fuss about nothing!" - an actual quote from Dan himself.

There are no other evenings like these as previous crowds from Aberdeen to The Isle of Wight will confirm.

Grab a fistful folks of a truly dynamite night out!

Altogether now...Will it be Red Sauce, Brown Sauce or...?

Presented by Phil McIntyre Live

"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A raft of cracking anecdotes"

(Mail on Sunday)

"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Boy can he sell a story… a compelling, evocative account of his south London roots"

(Evening Standard)

Danny Baker – At Last… The Sausage Sandwich Tour