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For the Honour of the Cittie - Music for Ceremony, Festival & Feast in London 1550-1650

The Waits were the principal band heard in the great halls, churches, ceremonies, revels, masques, theatres and grand pageants of London from the late Middle Ages until the 19th century. This concert focuses on music from the golden age of the London Waits, from roughly 1550-1650, when the highly skilled and esteemed musicians performed as the elite aural emblem of the City of London. The City Musick perform on shawms, sackbuts, cornetts, dulcians, recorders, trumpets and drums.

William Lyons, Nicholas Perry, Sam Goble, Gawain Glenton,Tom Lees, George Bartle, Sarah Humphrys

(See also 30 June for other concerts in the Sypert series of Early Music Concerts)

Supported by: George and Joy Sypert


The City Musick