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"What in hell’s going on?"

In 1822 The Queen’s Hall was opened because there just weren’t enough pews for the god-fearing, southside parishioners of Edinburgh. Fast forward two centuries and the venue is this time the solution for those who couldn’t get into the tightly packed, sold out shows put on by Callum Easter in recent months.

On 7 October Callum Easter will present an augmented version of his live show at The Queen’s Hall. Doing his best to summon at least one devil and possibly old Nick himself, Callum will be introducing freakish frequencies and sub-sonic tremors that will test the old church’s foundations. Don’t worry, though, rock 'n' roll tends to bring joy to the soul and heavenly music to the ears so there’s a chance that saints and sinners will be dancing together and possibly fondling in the shadows, in the best possible, gothic Edinburgh style.

Expect to see the place lit up as you’ve never seen it. Even the ancient walls and windows that have seen and heard so much will be wondering: what in hell’s going on…?

Described by Mojo magazine as "an insubordinate individual of taste", Callum Easter is hard to categorise. You sort of have to go and see for yourself.

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