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Award-winning experimental composer Michael Begg’s groundbreaking Black Glass Ensemble reveals new music from the borderlands of classical and experimental music.

Combining the cream of Scotland’s classical players with longstanding pioneers of the UK's experimental underground, Black Glass present work – on and off the stage – that challenges the senses, confounds expectations and breaks open new sonic ground.

Alongside dreamy strings and soulful brass expect earthquakes, polar ice melting and the lonely call of earth-monitoring satellites.

This will be an immersive event taking place both in the main auditorium and in the bar and foyer area. 

Michael and the Black Glass Ensemble have been captivating audiences at The Queen's Hall for several years now; read a review of their last event, 'Light Water Is Black Water' here.

Presented by The Queen's Hall as part of

"One of the most important experimental composers of our time" 

(CCD Radio, Mexico)

Black Glass in Pieces

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