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New Music Scotland Award winner, and Queen’s Hall Associate Artist, Michael Begg unveils his astonishing new collective, the Black Glass Ensemble, who call on us to “Arise from the Twilight”.

Located in the beguiling liminal territory between contemporary classical and experimental music, Black Glass combines the cream of Scotland’s chamber players with longstanding pioneers of the UK’s avant-garde electronic underground.

The result of this fusion is an emotionally resonant new music that challenges the senses, confounds expectations and breaks open new sonic ground.

Black Glass Ensemble are: Michael Begg (scores, samples, data feeds, erosions); Ben Ponton (receivers, recordings, forensics); Clea Friend (cello); Aisling O’Dea (violin); Julia Lungu (violin); Neil Cuthbertson (trumpet); Jen Cuthbertson (French horn); Douglas Caskie (tuned and bespoke percussion)

Support comes from Glasgow-based Irish composer - and Liminal Nights performer - Linda Buckley.

Presented as part of Michael Begg’s LIMINAL programme by The Queen’s Hall in association with Omnempathy, and with support from Creative Scotland and the Hope Scott Trust

Black Glass Ensemble