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'Britain’s Got Talent' 2022 winner Axel Blake is heading out on the road with his new show ‘In Style'.

From the wilds of Dunstable, Axel Blake arrived on the country’s living room screens in style as Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer on 'Britain’s Got Talent'. His observational comedy paired with his witty charm captivated audiences, propelling him to be crowned 2022 Champion of the hit show.

Axel is continuing to chase his dreams and will be appearing on the 2022 edition of the 'Royal Variety Show' and is hitting the road with his first ever national tour – Axel Blake is coming to Edinburgh – In Style.

Presented by SJM Concerts and Gag Reflex

“A comedy superstar was born tonight.”

(David Walliams)

“We have discovered a star.”

(Simon Cowell)

Axel Blake