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Charles Burney - the Baroque travel blogger.

Until 1776, no written account of the history of music exists in the English language. 18th century musicologist Charles Burney realises this, starts to gather material to rectify the situation and decides to spend two years travelling all across Europe, much like students taking a so-called gap year nowadays.

Burney participates in the carnival in Venice, joins in with French ballroom dancing, listens to lullabies at the German court and sings and drinks in the many alehouses of London. He follows where the music takes him, researches in libraries and archives and meets with composers and musicians. A kaleidoscope of European music, played on historical instruments with tales from Charles Burney’s diaries.

Ella Bodeker Soprano
Jonatan Bougt Theorbo, Baroque Guitar
Harry Buckoke Viola da Gamba
Thomas Pickering Harpsichord, Recorder
Teresa Wrann Recorder

Presented by The Georgian Concert Society
Sponsored by The Tunnell Trust

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