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This is the show postponed from 1 August. All tickets remain valid for the new date.

At the forefront of the next generation of contemporary composers transcending boundaries and genres, pianist Alexis Ffrench presents his stunning upcoming album, ‘Dreamland’.

Contemporary composer, pianist and producer, Alexis Ffrench is a balm to our busy lives. He has swiftly grown a following in the world of modern classical music, with performances spanning across the globe. His latest album, ‘Dreamland’, released in March 2020, shines as a beacon of light that uplifts the audience. Take a moment to breathe as the piano soothes and transports you, and escape to an oasis of calm.

Alexis Ffrench says “In writing the album, I wanted to shine a light in times of darkness as an antidote to our troubled times; to give listeners an opportunity to stop, listen and breathe, if only for one three-minute track. I hope listeners use ‘Dreamland’ as a form of escapism, to transport them to a safe and calm oasis in which they can create time for self-care, often an afterthought in our busy, stressful working lives.”

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“breaking stereotypes is what Ffrench is all about”

(Evening Standard)

“Alexis Ffrench defines a unique sound”

(Daily Telegraph)

Alexis Ffrench

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