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Rebecca Clarke: Morpheus
Judith Weir: Nuits d’Afrique
Jean Francaix: String Trio
Rosalie Burrell: Early Light
Maurice Ravel: Chansons Madécasses

Ailish Tynan: Soprano
Hebrides Ensemble

At the heart of this programme of parallels is Maurice Ravel’s sensual and political Chansons Madécasses which depicts life and challenging events in Madagascar. Judith Weir’s partner piece to the Ravel, Nuits d’Afrique, uses poetry by contemporary African women evoking local life with a simple invocation which may recall the ending of Ravel’s composition. Hugely under-appreciated English composer Rebecca Clarke, whose style of writing was at times compared to Ravel and Debussy, is well known for her wonderful viola sonata but this short piece Morpheus is another beautiful, lyrical example of her work. Young American composer Rosalie Burrell’s Early Light, a stunning piece for solo violin, evokes indigenous North America whilst the exoticism of Ravel’s Chansons Madécasses is balanced by the wit and charm of compatriot Jean Francaix’s String Trio.

Presented by the Hebrides Ensemble

Photo by B. Ealovega


Ailish Tynan & Hebrides Ensemble