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Folk and classical meet and mingle in this intimate performance by visionary Finnish multi-musician Pekka Kuusisto and his friend and colleague, US neo-folk singer/songwriter Sam Amidon, with musicians from the SCO.

Experience Kuusisto and Amidon’s remarkable musical partnership up close, following their orchestral concert with the full forces of the SCO.

John Adams’s 'Shaker Loops' is a mesmerising minimalist classic, drawing together looping melodies and the ecstatic praise of American Shaker worship in all-engulfing waves of sound. There’s a very different perspective on music and faith in the timeless community hymns that Sam Amidon absorbed from his childhood in Vermont, now reinterpreted for listeners of all beliefs – or none – in the 21st century.

Pekka Kuusisto violin
Sam Amidon guitar, singer

Programme to include:

ADAMS 'Shaker Loops' (septet version)
TRAD/AMIDON Early American Folk Hymns from the Shape-Note tradition  

Presented by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

SCO 22/23: Transcendental Visions with Pekka and Sam