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Singer-songwriter and New York Times bestselling author Amanda Palmer brings her “An Evening With Amanda Palmer” performance to The Queen’s Hall for four nights only.

Performing everything from solo and Dresden Dolls’ favorites to unreleased new material on our Steinway Grand piano and humble ukulele, audiences can expect surprises and special guests.

Known for forming deep connections with her fans and pioneering the way artists use the internet to fund their work, Palmer has been independently releasing new art, songs, videos and creations of all kinds with countless collaborators through Patreon, an online subscription and membership platform. In the three years’ since Palmer has been using Patreon to connect with her audience and fund her work, she has released over four dozen different pieces of creative content, which are available to stream, download and purchase at:

Palmer’s latest projects have been funded by over 11,000 people who subscribe to Palmer’s Patreon, each of whom pay an average of $3.50 per undertaking to support Palmer's unpredictable creation of new music, videos, writing and multimedia art.

Presented by DF Concerts


Photo by Michael Murchie


An Evening with Amanda Palmer