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Help us to thrive, evolve and break boundaries.

We are so happy to welcome you to our venue. Thank you for all your enthusiasm and support.

Weathering the Covid storm has been our main aim and we have accomplished it with your help. We are deeply grateful.

Throughout it all, so many of us were touched by moments of true humanity - the kindness of strangers, or generosity of neighbours. It’s that level of care and belief which makes us keener than ever to ensure our place in the hearts of our communities across Scotland. The Queen’s Hall is Your Hall.

Sustaining the future of live creativity has never been more important – a place for everyone to come and see performers who inspire, soothe, and exhilarate. 


Please consider supporting us today – any gift, no matter the size, will help us.

Your donations enable us to:

  • Programme artists you want to see
  • Install state of the art lighting grid and sound systems
  • Help our staff to keep our beautiful building lit, secure, and safe
  • Ensure our community of craftspeople and staff can work in a COVID-safe environment
  • Renovate our backstage area for the stars of the show

Please click the button below and donate what you can – every penny will help.

Thank you,

All of us at The Queen’s Hall

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