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John McCusker and Heidi Talbot stopped off at The Queen’s Hall Edinburgh tonight with show 8 of their current tour to promote their new mini album – “Love is The Bridge Between Two Hearts” released by Under One Sky Records on March 9th 2018.

Suprisingly, despite many cross-overs on stage over the years, this is the first time that John McCusker and Heidi Talbot have toured together as the headline act, and that long overdue event (and the album) is producing music of a haunting quality on stage. For any folk based musician, making your music sound like it has always been there is perhaps the most difficult task facing you, and they manage this with effortless ease.

Both musicians have a solid back catalogue of music to draw upon, and this set’s opening number “The Last Star” immediately set the tone for the evening, with Heidi’s vocals as always sounding as if they belong to some timeless and magical place. Following on with... read the rest of the review here.