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26/11/18: Federico Albanese played not only his first concert at The Queen’s Hall Edinburgh tonight, but his first concert in Scotland, and the Italian composer was obviously enjoying the experience of Scotland - a country that he felt had a great affinity to his native Southern Italy.

“By The Deep Sea” is the new album from Federico Albanese so, as you would expect, some of the music in this single set performance came from here, and with Federico entering the stage to a very dimly and moodily lit Queen’s Hall while the sounds of waves echoed around, the venue was certainly as cinematic as his music.  Add into this the fact that The Queen’s Hall is a former church, this mixture of sound and low light levels certainly had a meditative and contemplative atmosphere to it that could have belonged in some church sanctuary long ago.  Very simple staging, but very appropriate as so much of Federico Albanese’s work is meditative and contemplative.

Federico Albanese is a composer of very special musical gifts and insights, and his compositions on piano, keyboards and integrated sounds are immersive experiences of beautiful music and sounds, as works from the new album like “Your Lunar Way” and “Veiled” leave you in no doubt that a very special talent is on stage.

To call “By The Deep Sea” and the previous album “The Blue Hour” (from which Federico played some music too) “albums” is a little bit of a disrespect to them I think as these are simply works containing music of beautiful and wondrous timeless qualities.  Play the music of Federico Albanese now or in 100 or 200 years, it will make no difference to its listening, it will not have become fixed in time.  There is also that feeling somehow that... read the rest of the article here.