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The welfare of our audiences, performers, and staff is at the heart of everything we do.

We have set out the measures below that we are taking to help you feel more comfortable returning to live events, but also ask that you play your part and look out for each other, our staff and artists.

These are not exhaustive and will be updated as we move forward, but we hope they give you the confidence to return to The Queen’s Hall. We look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Please note that as of Monday 9 August, all physical distancing measures were lifted in Scotland. None of the shows from the start of September onwards have been sold on a distanced basis (with the exception of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and New Town Concerts). 

Update 31 August 2021: As rates are rising, we want to underline the importance of wearing a face mask in the venue, even when seated, to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Update 23 September 2021: Please see below for information on vaccine passports.

What we’re doing


  • We have undertaken substantial building work to open the space in our main front-of-house areas, alleviating overcrowding. 
  • Our ventilation system has been upgraded and improved for better air flow around the building. 
  • We have installed individual toilet cubicles upstairs with a one-way queueing system.
  • We have installed improved accessible toilet facilities downstairs for wheelchair users and those with mobility concerns.
  • We have had a deep clean of the building prior to re-opening. Front of house surfaces will be cleaned and sanitised during events and all areas of the Hall cleaned between events.
  • We have hand sanitiser units located around the building for your use.
  • Our signage will be clear and updated if there are any changes to Scottish Government regulations. This will include a QR code for you to sign into the NHS Test & Protect website.

Our staff

  • All staff will sign in and out of the venue and declare that they are not showing any symptoms of Covid-19.
  • All staff will wear masks (unless medically exempt) and regularly wash and sanitise their hands.
  • Our staff will not report for work if they are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 and will be sent home immediately if they show any signs whilst at work. They will be asked to undertake a test and not return to work until they are negative.
  • All staff are encouraged to have the vaccine.
  • All staff are trained in our Covid safety protocol before working with us.


  • For all tickets booked directly through The Queen’s Hall, we will use the lead booker’s details for Test & Protect purposes.
  • An NHS Test & Protect QR code, widely available around the building, will be scannable to capture details of those who have booked tickets through agents.
  • If we are notified of a Covid-19 case at the venue through NHS Test & Protect we will inform audience members seated in the adjacent area (i.e. stalls, gallery etc). 
  • We will scan tickets at the door so there is no need for you to print them off if you have a smart phone or other device – you can just show us your screen.
  • Refund policy will be determined by the individual promoters bringing their shows to The Queen’s Hall and will differ from one event to another. Full Terms and Conditions, including the Scottish Chamber Orchestra refund policy can be viewed here.

Performers and event staff

  • Everyone coming into the building will sign in/out and declare that they do not have any symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Performers and event staff will not come into the building if they are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 and will alert us immediately if they start to show symptoms whilst they are here. We hope event postponements/cancellations will be rare going forward, but all ticket holders will be notified at the earliest possible time if necessary. 
  • All performers and event staff will be required to wear face masks as per Scottish Government guidelines (unless medically exempt) when not on stage.
  • All performers and event staff will be asked to wash and sanitise their hands regularly.
  • Back stage areas will be regularly sanitised and fully cleaned between performances.

What we ask of you

  • That you do not attend The Queen’s Hall if you are showing any signs of Covid-19.
  • That you comply with all current Scottish Government guidelines, and venue guidelines, as per the signage around our building (including vaccine passports as per the information below).
  • That you wear a face mask (unless medically exempt). Face masks should be worn unless you are drinking or dancing; Click here for the Scottish Government guidance.
  • That, if you have a smart phone or other compatible device, you do not print-off your tickets, but show them to our staff on your screen when entering the building. However, if you already have printed tickets, these are still valid.
  • That you ensure we have your correct contact details when you book tickets through us in case we need to contact you for Test & Protect purposes.
  • That you scan the NHS Test & Protect QR code on entering the venue. This is especially important if you did not buy your tickets through The Queen’s Hall.
  • That you regularly use the hand sanitiser units located around the building.
  • That you pay by card wherever possible. 
  • That you show patience and respect to our staff and other customers, and understand that everyone is feeling different levels of comfort on returning to busy spaces.

Vaccine Passports

At the time of writing (23.09.21), we understand that vaccine passports i.e. proof of having had two Covid-19 vaccinations is required for entry into standing shows of 500 people and over from 5am on 1 October 2021. 

This means that if you have a ticket for an UNRESERVED show at The Queen's Hall (your ticket does not have a seat number on it) you will need to show vaccine certification to be able to enter the venue.

Details of how to get your vaccination status in Scotland can be found here. If you have a smart phone, from 30 September (in Scotland) you will need to download the NHS Scotland Covid Status app. On entering The Queen's Hall, this app will be scanned by an Usher. No data will be stored.

If you are coming to a show from outwith Scotland we will visually scan either your country's app or your letter. You can find out how to get your vaccine status in England here, Wales here, and Northern Ireland here. If you are coming from outside the UK, please follow your own country's instructions, which can usually be found on a government website. 

If you don't have a smart phone you can show your printed letter.

Alternatively, proof of exemption from vaccination will need to be shown. 

We have marked the individual show pages where vaccine passports will be required.

Our staff are carrying out mandatory Scottish Government policy which is necessary for us to remain open. Please be patient if you have to wait a little longer to enter the building and treat them with respect when details are requested. Any abuse will not be tolerated. 


We recognise that the wearing of masks makes things much harder if you are D/deaf or hard-of-hearing. If you experience problems understanding our staff, please let them know and they will do their best to alleviate this.

As our spaces have changed considerably since our accessibility video and guides for those who are neurodivergent or suffer from anxiety were created, they are now out of date. We hope to recreate them and if you are interested in supporting this work, you can donate here.

Further information

If you have any questions or require further information about any of the above, please email and we will respond as quickly as possible.