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Stripping his songs back to their purest form. Newton will be out there solo, just him, his acoustic guitars, and his voice.

"On the forthcoming UK tour, I’ll be focusing on the songs that work best with just a vocal and guitar part and no musical multitasking or loops,” says Newton. "I’m sure there are some big songs I have never thought of stripping back, but the ones I can’t wait to play are 'Longshot', 'Against The Grain', 'I'm Not Giving Up Yet', 'Never Alone', 'Been Here Before', 'Waiting On You' and obviously 'Feels Like Home'. Most of these songs I very rarely play on tour!"

Throughout Newton's immensely successful career he has sold over 1.5 million records with 180 million streams making him one of the UK’s most successful singer-songwriters this millennium.

Across the songwriter’s freewheeling fifteen-year career, the sole constant has been his urge to tear down what came before, shed his creative skin and outrun industry dogma. Already, that rebel spirit has seen Faulkner’s music pinball from the outer-limits acoustic sorcery of 2007’s UK#1 debut, 'Hand Built By Robots', through an acclaimed catalogue that takes in rock, pop, folk, soul and beyond.

Support from Sam Richardson.

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Newton Faulkner

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