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Rachel Sermanni, Louis Abbott, Jo Mango, Solareye and Jill O'Sullivan perform songs & stories co-written with people connected to the criminal justice system.

Waiting to come home.
Wanting to come home.
Welcoming home.
Wondering what home means?

Every year in Scotland 20,000 people return home from prison to an uncertain future. ‘A Giant on the Bridge’ is an urgent and compelling narrative-gig experience which invites its audience into the unique space we must inhabit in order to understand this hidden homecoming experience.

Acoustic songwriting, Scottish hip hop and subtle soundscapes are interwoven in a collaborative meeting of five of Scotland’s foremost musicians. Identity, community, systems, injustice and restoration are explored via the many human perspectives of these untold stories.

‘A Giant on the Bridge’ has been researched & co-created by the Distant Voices collective: comprising those who have crossed the bridge home and those yet to, as well as others connected to the criminal justice system. The piece has been devised by Jo Mango with Phil Crockett Thomas, Fergus McNeill and award-winning dramaturg Liam Hurley. 

Presented by The Queen's Hall

Illustration: Boxdog Inc


Distant Voices: Coming Home is a three-year research project conducted in collaboration between Vox Liminis and the University of the West of Scotland, the University of Glasgow, the University of Edinburgh, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (grant ES/P002536/1).


Distant Voices presents A Giant On The Bridge

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