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Tinariwen plus special guests

25 April 2017 at 7:00pm

7pm: Doors open | 8-8.35pm: Susso | 9-10.30pm: Tinariwen

Tinariwen released their new album, Elwan (The Elephants) in February 2017. It is the band’s seventh, recorded in the rocky desert near M’Hamid (also known by its Berber name, Taragalte), a little town in southern Morocco, located in the Draa valley in the Zagora area. The area was chosen as their home town in northern Mali proved too unstable and dangerous due to renewed conflict. It is also a place of significant cultural importance to the Tuareg-Berber people, the location where all the caravans would stop before making the long journey to Timbuktu.

Recording started in February 2016 when they set up a mobile recording studio under canvas surrounded by dunes and spent 3 weeks playing, writing and recording. The album also includes music recorded during the Rancho De La Luna session they did in 2014, in Joshua Tree with Alain Johannes, Kurt Vile and Matt Sweeney.

Sharing the same visceral feeling for their land, their freedom, their simplicity of life, and "assouf" (which is a sense of absolute and deep nostalgia felt when one is far from one’s homeland) was something Tinariwen shared with their nomad brothers from Taragalte, and which resonated especially with the younger generation from the Zagora area.

Website www.tinariwen.com

Read The Guardian's review in Brixton, London here

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Tinariwen  plus special guests
Event Tinariwen plus special guests
Date 25 April 2017 at 7:00pm
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7pm: Doors Open
8-8.35pm: Susso
9-10.30pm: Tinariwen
Timings are approximate and subject to change

Over 14s (U16s accompanied by an adult)