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DF Concerts presents

Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman

12 August 2012 at 7:30pm
at The Queen's Hall

7.15pm Doors Open                                                                                                        7.30pm Andrew O'Neill                                                                                                               7.50pm Michael Pope                                                                                                       8.15pm Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman                                                                     PLEASE NOTE THESE TIMINGS ARE APROXIMATE

Award-winning author Neil Gaiman and DIY-musician Amanda Palmer are bringing their evening of song and spoken word to Edinburgh- their first and only full-length appearance together in Europe this year!

The newlywed (and anything but conventional) couple have billed the event as "An Evening with Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer" and promise an unusual and intimate few hours of spoken word, songs, stories, chats with the audience- based off the success of a similar tour in the US last year. The stage will contain a piano, a ukulele, two microphones, and (Amanda claims) a few comfortable twitter-sourced armchairs. But as ever in this ragtag circus- anything goes and surprises galore afoot.

Palmer shares: "This show is very different beast from the loud, crazed rock shows that I'm accustomed to...and also very different from the relatively well-behaved readings to which Neil is accustomed. Neil and I are both very close with our fan bases, and, even though there's quite a bit of crossover, this show is a like one big, long reception in which our two fan-families get to meet each other. We wanted to keep the venue cosy and seated, and make the night feel like an after-hours salon more than a formal show. As Neil and I get closer to our fan bases online through blogging and tweeting, it's nice to spend some actual quality offline face time with everybody. We're both really looking forward to it; I think this show is going to provide some serious soul-food all around."

Neil said, "I've read things at Amanda's concerts. She's sung things at my readings. This is whatever happens when we get together on a stage for two hours. I haven't done a reading tour for a decade, and there are things I'm really excited about reading to a live audience. I'm hoping that Amanda's fans will put up with the messy-haired Englishman reading them stories, and that mine will enjoy the beautiful lady signing them songs of angst, post-modernism and woe. Or possibly vice versa. Also, it will be fun."

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Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman
Event Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman
Date 12 August 2012 at 7:30pm
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