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Acoustic Music Centre @ St Bride's presents

Whiskey Hill Ramblers

21 August 2009 at 5:00pm
at St Bride's Centre

The Whiskey Hill Ramblers bring the spirit of the late 50's Mid-West radio shows right up to date and right into a theatre near you. Picking, singing their way through classic Bluegrass tunes and songs with a wild abandon and real musical ability, these four musicians will make you want to get up, kick off your shoes and dance your way into next year.

The Ramblers real love and understanding of Bluegrass music is such that they will convert any one to this hard-driving music while their take on the late 1950's 'Martha White Radio Show' will transport you to a happier, more innocent musical time, when musical ability and sweet harmony counted most.

PLEASE NOTE This event takes place in the Back Room at Acoustic Music Centre @ St Bride's Centre, Orwell Terrace, Edinburgh, EH11 2DZ.

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Whiskey Hill Ramblers / information

Whiskey Hill Ramblers
Event Whiskey Hill Ramblers
Date 21 August 2009 at 5:00pm
Tickets £6 (£5 concession)
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